so i finally said to the roadtrip group that i wanna drive out and see the sky valley sign and it actually looks they they’re going for the idea

i’m gonna have to just let myself die of exposure at the sign because once i’ve experienced this particular dream there’s no way i’m ever gonna be happy again

right now in this moment badmotorfinger on vinyl is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me

arctic monkeys were fantastic last night. They played knee socks and 505 so I’m happy as anything. royal blood were sweeet too. better post when I’m back from my 5 hour bus home

so to recap

today I turn 23

later on I’m off to dublin for some all night rave and then arctic monkeys and miles kane on saturday
i’m also buying my mastodon tickets tomorrow
travelling to belfast for qotsa in august
and of course yesterday we got our spot at qotsa on halloween in califuckingfornia and so far a few of us have got together to discuss renting an rv and roadtripping for the week, which would be a dream come true

life is pretttty good right now :)